Thursday, September 30, 2010

Manikam Kalbu - update


Order 28/9
Payment 28/9
Post 28/9
Receive 29/9

Superb service!!!

Reading starts immediately..
Stops at page 25.
Attend Majlis Ziarah Hari Raya.
Today is second day of the Majlis and visit 5 more houses.
Including "his".
Wondering why "he" still looks yummy.
Istighfar since "he" is no more available.
Enjoy meet up the neighbours.
Uncle Rahman makes everybody confuse.
Suara kemain kuat tapi tersalah barisan selawat.
Repeat the selawat beramai2.
He shows slumber face until the the end of selawat.
Enjoy the food at 5th house.
We manage to "collect" 12 variety air kotak.
Back at home by 11.30pm.
Raining out site.
Counting the sheep.
Continue reading tomorrow.


Sebagai penghargaan kepada marveles service oleh ujanailmu..
Maka dilinkkan beliau di blog ini.
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