Monday, February 14, 2011

Maulidur Rasul 1432H

I know that we're not suppose to celebrate Valentine's Day for some reason (which I'm not going to explain about it here.. go google yourself). Anyway I'm not put much thought about these celebration either. The only thing yang best adalah "SALE" di merata shopping complex. Ahaks!

Entry kali ni takdak arah tujuan pun. Since I just realize that I am actually having 'weird relationship' with the same person for the last three years.. shocked myself. What!!!! Three years? How the hell it happen? Hahahaha.. menakjubkan okay!!! FYI, I'm never been in relationship with the same person for more than a year!! Feel my point? I'm barely believe it.

Jadi sempena hari yang barakah esok ni.. aku mohon dengan sangat agar ditetapkan hatiku, dipermudahkan urusanku, dilapangkan rezekiku, diringankan jodohku dan diperbaiki jodohku.. Amin..

Selamat bercuti ya.

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