Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hallo Vietnam

There's a whole day session for Vietnam's delegate to come visit Cameron Highlands. Apart of warm welcome and talk session about Cameron Highlands District, they were really interest to know more about my job at OSC.

So, after few meetings, our D.O invited me.. yessss.. ME.. to give a briefing about my job. Takes me about 2 days completing and translating the previous slide I used to brief to our Ketua Audit Negara visited last year.

Please apologise my poor english. With not-quite-well-preparation I gave my briefing and all the delegate seems understand what I'm talking about.

The most interesting part with the speech is I had to pause after every sentence to allowed their translator to translate my speech to Vietnam language. Ayyooo... it takes ages to finished all 39 slides!!! Hahahaha.. nightmare!!

But I'm ok.. I survived!! Weehooo!!

Plus at the Q&A session. The question is not that hard. Managed to answer all the question. I hope the ministry will be proud of me. The one who actually hired me. Thank you very much. I also found that they were interested with the OSC concept and found it a very much advance from their first thought. The delegate is actually from the Vietnam North Province. Sorry, I can't recap the name in Vietnam. It is similar to the state level government in Malaysia. 19 of them are very excited and nice people. On their closing speech, they had mention that it is a big mission to Malaysia to learn how to manage the province which had similar terrain with Cameron Highlands. Also learn how to adopt administrative approach to improve the delivery system and Malaysia as a very great example.

As for me, I do about anything to help not only delegate from foreign country but our Malaysian to understand the beauty of OSC. Even sometimes I do hate my jobs. Who doesn't? Hahahaha..


azlan said...

OSC tue aper bende...

cik-zura said...

aku nk kena bg speech kat ko gak ke? :P OSC = One Stop Centre...

semua pelan yang buat submission kt local authority bleh submit kat 1 tempat je.. mcm dulu2 kalo kena submit kt jkr.. ko kena gi jkr submit sendiri.. kalo kena submit kat iwk ke bomba ke mana2 pejabat lain.. ko kena buat sendiri.. so lambat la jadinya proses tu..

skang ni.. sume benda hanto kt 1 tempat.. osc yg akan hantar dan follow up utk korang.. senang kan?

ell_jay said...

aku baru nak tanya.. ape ke OSC ni.. wahhh gomen dah ada menda gini ek.. apsal kementerian aku takde.. ke aku yg tak amik tau.. huhuhuhuu

cik-zura said...

adaaa.. since 2007 dah buat.. 2008 ekonomi gawat.. masuk 2009 tak bape nampak keberkesanannya la.

mcm pejabat pos jd osc utk pst pembayaran... nk byr bil utiliti sume kt pejabat pos.. expend sampai nk register company.. renew lesen.. renew insuran kete motor.. byr zakat.. kuar masuk duit amanah saham.. sume2 pun boleh kt pejabat pos.. sampai pejabat pos jammed sbb byk sgt longgok kat dia.. hahahahaha..

kat opis aku.. cume cite pasal submission permohonan nk buat development shj.. termasuk nk renovate umah.. nak mintak permit nk guna jln dpn umah sbb nk pacak khemah kenduri kawen pun bleh hantar kt opis aku..

tp strictly kpd daerah cameron highlands sahaja ye.. daerah lain sila rujuk local authority berdekatan anda ;)