Thursday, November 19, 2009


Notice a new thing in my post? Yes? No?

Huhuhu.. aku baru tambah new gadget to my blog layout. Kinda cool eh? Tapi pening sket sbb this gadget detect similarity from all of my posts. But end up.. aik apasal tak sama pun?

So.. I spent hours to tag or label hundreds of entry and still... huru-hara jadinya..

Kejadian huru-hara ni mungkin berlaku sbb tak semua post / entry ada gambar.. Actually aku culik idea utk bubuh LinkWithin ni from 1 of blog that I followed. Dalam blog beliau mmg la kemain cantik dan kemas je aku tgk. Huhuhu..

Takpelah.. budak baru belajar.. aku bukannya blogger tegar.. sampai beratus2 post setiap bln.. kahkahkah..

Or maybe... aku sendiri pun susah nak labelkan each and every single entry. Maklumlah.. bila dah menceceh sorang2 ni dia melalut2 tak ketahuan buah butirnya.

I'll try to seperate the posts into a few category. Lets see..
  1. award - dont know releven or not since I only have 1 entry of that matters.
  2. cameron highlands - anything I write about living here in Cameron Highlands.
  3. chenta - of course its all about my chenta. more into songs dedication to each other lah. mcm budak² sekolah gitu ;o)
  4. event - hmm special event I wanted to highlight within my everyday sembang-sembang.
  5. everyday - nothing special. just babbling and monologging around.
  6. family - only a few posts about them.
  7. food - hah! the reason why I like the idea to LinkWithin the posts!
  8. fun - errrr.. I dont know what it is means.. hentam je
  9. health - cite pasal sakit pening diri sendiri dan orang-orang dipersekitaran.
  10. hobby - talk about one of my interest which is taking pictures.
  11. info - a lil bit infomatic entries I guess. not many of them becos I dont know everything. pls make yourself useful and google about it yourself!
  12. konsert - arghhh!! fun timee!!! but I'm not regular in attending concerts.
  13. kursus - It also related to work and sometimes to travel also.
  14. movie - sometimes about the movie itself and sometimes about me having fun with the outing.
  15. tag - untuk kerja² tagging by my fellow friends.
  16. travel - we love to travel dont we? outstation also recognized as travel ya.
  17. work - yup. thats why I said.. I live in a monotonous live. work. eat. sleep. my everyday story mostly about my work. But I refused to used the word 'workacholic' because I am NOT. Ok!
Come on!!!!.. 17 categories? and still confuse to categorized all the entries? Hahahahaha...

Anyway, please dont give up on me. I'll try to fix the mess later. Enjoy your reading.


cik jijah said...

aku pun dulu gitu jugak.. sbb pening nak cari entri yang lepas2.. so aku categorized into different labels.. tapi still pening jugak.. hehehehehe.. by the way.. im not giving up on u :)

cik-zura said...

hahahaha tenkiu so muchhh!!! muuuuuaacchhh!! mebi kena boh gambau plak on every entry??? uwaaa..