Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Felice Anno Nuovo! or Happy New Year!!!

This new hijr year and also masehi year very soon.. I decided to learn a new language. As far as I'm concerned.. I finally strongly found the need to learn new language (ecehhh.. ckp omputeh pun lintang-pukang.. ada hati nak belajar bahasa baru ye? hahaha).

But anyway, I'm buying myself a perfect book for slow reader a.k.a student like myself. The title as you may seen.. "Italian Phrases for dummies". It's only cost me RM31.50 and easily found at any major bookstore nationwide.

I chose that book apart of many books like that at language section because I found it's really useful, easy and fullfill enough the basic mouthing you have to know.

So far.. I start with counting number. Since I'm familiar with Spanish (gara-gara betty yo soy la fea, intrusa, maria mercedes dan beberapa telenovela spanish yg hot satu ketika dulu.. aku tak ingat dah tajuk2 nya.. huhuhu..) so it's easier for me to understand Italian. My beloved boyfriend once said.. it's took 1 - 2 years of hardwork to fully understand, add vocabs, sharpen your grammar and finally speaks perfecto Italian.

Whoaa.. Kena pi sekolah nih.. Takpe la.. this is only a start. Maybe I need to go for classes with proper teacher after this.

So.. how's yours? Any goal to achieve next year? ;-)


::mzmriza:: said...

mak aiiii.. jarang la aku dengar azam cenggini.. nak2 bila tahap usia mcm ni.. boipren ko org itali kot ek... eeeeeee...

cik-zura said...

hahahaha.. no italiano.. lui viene svizzera..

adeh.. belit2 lidah den..